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Women with Words: Female Pioneers in Journalism

In honor of Women’s History Month, the Mayborn School of Journalism hosted the “Women with Words: Female Pioneers in Journalism” panel at the University Union Lyceum on Wednesday, March 21. The panelist included Leona Allen of the Dallas Morning News, Carolyn Barta of the Dallas Morning News, Pulitzer Prize winner and UNT professor Gayle Reaves-King… Continue reading Women with Words: Female Pioneers in Journalism

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Commuter Week

  During the week of March 28, Off-Campus Student Services hosted various events dedicated to commuter students for “Commuter Week.” Commuter Week occurs every year and is dedicated to providing students who live off-campus services and making them feel more connected to the UNT community. Many different student services on campus extended their office hours… Continue reading Commuter Week

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Reducing UNT’s Need of Parking

While parking at UNT is already limited, UNT’s Parking and Transportation Services’ mission is to reduce the overall demand of parking through offering alternative transportation options. To help reduce the demand for parking, UNT offers a shuttle bus. UNT has eight shuttle buses, all with unique routes. Each of the different bus routes can be… Continue reading Reducing UNT’s Need of Parking

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Apartments of Denton

Many different apartments surround the UNT campus that are affordable for students to move into as an alternative to living in the dorms or having a far commute. Living walking distance from the campus is the main attribute that sophomore Kalyn Dodson likes about the apartment complex into which she recently moved. Dodson moved into… Continue reading Apartments of Denton