So many places to post your story

Snapchat was the first app to have a “Stories” function. Each story would last 24 hours before it would disappear forever. Eventually Instagram, owned by Facebook, mirrored the idea with their own version of stories called “Instagram stories.” Very original. Facebook also added stories to their other apps, WhatsApp and Messenger. On Tuesday, Facebook copied the stories idea once again by creating Facebook Stories.

Everyone knows that Stories is something that started with Snapchat and Facebook is just ripping them off by adding the feature to four of its apps.


I think that doing this hurts Facebook’s brand identity. Now all four of these apps that Facebook owns, look very similar. They do not stand out from each other. I think this may hurt them because some people may not want to use four of the same apps. If you include Snapchat, there are five different places for you to post a story to. I think when it comes down to it, people will be more likely to post a story to Snapchat than anywhere else, since that is one of the main features of Snapchat.

However, Facebook is bigger than Snapchat and it will probably always be that way so they really can get away with copying them and people still using the feature.

I just think that if Facebook wants to take over its competition, they need to come up with something original or better, instead of straight up copying.


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