Bands Addressing Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment and assault in the music scene is unfortunately not something new or rare. Over the past few years in the pop punk/alternative rock music community, a lot of bands have been accused of harassment and assault. Bands and their teams have responded terribly to accusations like these, while others tried to do the right thing. Bands like Front Porch Step have been completely shunned from the scene for having an awful response and others like Neck Deep removed members that were accused of sexual harassment and continued on. Dealing with these kind of accusations can be tricky, but ignoring it or responding badly, can ruin the entire band’s future for one member’s bad actions.

In the world of social media, rumors and proof of these incidents spread quickly. The most recent band being accused of sexual harassment is UK band Moose Blood.

UK emo band, Moose Blood

About a week ago a woman on Twitter accused Moose Blood’s drummer, Glenn Harvey of sending unsolicited nude pictures to her. She included screenshots of conversations with him and of him apologizing for his actions.

Twitter blew up over this allegation and wanted justice for the harassment that the woman faced. However, Moose Blood did not address the claims until today.

Here is what I think is good about this statement:

  • They removed the accused member.
  • They say they do not support that kind of behavior.
  • They donated to an anti-sexual assault organization.

What is bad about the statement:

  • It took a week to get out.
  • They do not actually apologize.

I think that the statement should have been released sooner. If they would have responded faster, they could have reduced the amount of damaged caused. They were keeping a low profile and in situations like this when Twitter is going out on a manhunt, it is best to take responsibility and do the right thing to correct the situation. In their statement, they should have directly apologized for the situation. A lot of people who are responding to the Facebook post and talking about it on Twitter have noticed and are mad that they did not actually apologize. An apology is necessary in this type of situation where it has been proven that the claims are real and they are at fault. Even though they say they are going to donate to RAINN, their lack of apology does make it seem like they are not completely genuinely sorry about the situation. It looks superficial and just like they are trying to save the reputation of the band.


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