Heroic Driver is Good PR for Tesla


On Tuesday, a Tesla driver risked costly damage to his car to save another man’s life. The Tesla driver noticed the other car was driving uncontrollably and hitting the guardrail, but still going pretty fast on the Autobahn near Munich, Germany. The Tesla driver realized the driver of the other vehicle was unconscious so he decided to get in front of the car to try and stop it. He tapped on the brakes so that the other car was hitting his rear bumper to slow it down and eventually came to a stop. Not only did the Tesla driver risk his own life, but he also risked his expensive car to save the other man’s life.

This is good PR for Tesla because all of the news stories surrounding the incident mention that the man was driving a Tesla. A lot of the stories actually make the fact that he was driving a Tesla a big part of the story. The story is a great example of earned media. Also since it is a happy outcome type story, people will associate Tesla with this positive and heroic story.

As a result of all the news stories surrounding the incident, the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, tweeted out that Tesla will provide repair to the damaged Tesla free of charge out of their appreciation to the heroic driver.

This is also good PR for Tesla because it shows that they care about their customers and want to reward them for helping others. Tesla is already known for their devotion to the development of alternative fuel sources for cars and producing a viable option for emissions-free travel. Now people will also associate them with rewarding good deeds.




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