JCPenney Took Full Advantage of Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement photos.

Yesterday, the internet was in for a shock when Beyonce announced that she was having twins. They were even more shocked when JCPenney joined in on the conversation.


After Beyonce posted a picture of her in front of a giant wreath of flowers in just her underwear and a veil on to Instagram, many people started comparing the picture to something that would be taken at a JCPenney portrait studio.

JCPenney did not take this as an insult but instead, they made it an opportunity to joke with people on Twitter. Their tweets included many Beyonce song lyrics and puns. People on Twitter were loving the interactions from JCPenney.

This is an excellent example of how to use current events and Twitter to promote your brand. This could potentially be bringing people in to take similar photos as Beyonce. Also, I know that I personally forgot that JCPenney even had a portrait studio so this definitely reminded some people of it.

Along with more customers, they also gained more Twitter followers from this tweet spree. Beyonce’s fanbase is huge, so entertaining them creates a good relationship with them. Using current events and celebrity news really can help companies build their brand on Twitter.


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