Brands Ruling Social Media

Social media is a big part of public relations. Many big brands understand this, while some are still dragging behind the crowd. I thought I would round up some brands with my favorite social media accounts.


Go Pro

Twitter: @GoPro: 1.99M followers

Instagram: @GoPro: 11.3m followers

Facebook: GoPro: 10,229,228 likes

Go Pro is very active across all of the social media networks. Every day they post “Photo of the Day.” I enjoy the wide range of pictures that they post. It makes me want to get a GoPro and go on adventures like the people GoPro is posting about.



Twitter: @DennysDiner: 348K followers

I don’t think I can get on Tumblr without seeing a Denny’s post. They have made themselves at home with the Tumblr crowd.


They are always making jokes and being just plain weird. As a pun lover, I appreciate all of their terrible puns. They are definitely the first brand that I think of when I think about brands being on Tumblr.

Screenshot 2017-01-26 18.58.28.png

Their Twitter is also very similar to their Tumblr content.



Taco Bell

Twitter: @TacoBell: 1.8M followers

Instagram: @TacoBell: 1M followers

Facebook: Taco Bell: 10,439,282 likes

Taco Bell is another brand that just understands the millennial ways. There is no way their accounts are not run by a millennial.

They get very sassy with people in the most hilarious ways. They also do a good job at interacting with celebrities and other brands.

They also do a fun thing called  where people can tweet them the taco emoji along with other emojis and they’ll reply with a picture that incorporates all of those emojis.

National Geographic

Twitter: NatGeo: 15.2M followers

Instagram: NatGeo: 67.8M followers

Facebook: National Geographic: 43,315,286 likes

As a brand that is mostly known for being print, they have kept up with the times with their social media presence. They are active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

They always have great content being posted regularly. They post news articles from their website and also pictures that their photographers take.



Twitter: @Whataburger: 907K followers

Instagram: @Whataburger: 204K followers

Facebook: Whataburger: 2,012,421 likes

Whataburger understands their diehard Texan fans. They always have something witty or clever to say about what ever is going on in popular culture.

Whatever the popular meme that is going through Twitter, they utilize it for promoting their brand. Like Taco Bell, they understand the millennial mindset and use that to their full advantage for retweets and likes.



Twitter: @Netflix: 2.64M followers

Instagram: @Netflix: 2M followers

Facebook: Netflix: 30,127,469 likes

Netflix is another brand that understands its customers and the audience of their tweets. Their tweets are very relatable to people who regularly use Netflix.

Not only do they tweet things that their followers will relate to, they also throw in some promotion for their shows into the tweet too.





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