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Finding a Forever Home

Tail wagging and head held high on a warm September day, Lexi, the 3-year-old pit bull walked out of Operation Kindness with her new family to start her new life at her forever home. It did not take long before she fell asleep comfortably with her head in the lap of her new owner Kalyn Dodson, a 22-year-old University of North Texas student, in the back seat of the car.

Operation Kindness, located at 3201 Earhart Dr., Carrollton, Texas, helps many animals like Lexi find forever homes and the care that they need. They are the first and largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas. With approximately 300 cats and dogs in their shelter and another 150 in foster homes, Operation Kindness saves the lives of many animals daily. Their mission is to “care for homeless cats and dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into responsible homes and to advocate humane values and behaviors.”

11986975_10205025141050006_6481201324290413614_n“No kill shelters are the way to go. I couldn’t buy an animal from a pet store even if I wanted to because my heart hurts for all these sweet babies in shelters who weren’t shown the love they deserve,” Kalyn said. “Plus, everyone at Operation Kindness is very helpful throughout the adoption process. Lexi is the perfect match for me and my family.”

Operation Kindness saved Lexi’s life by taking her in from another shelter that would have euthanized her if she was not adopted soon. This is the case for many other animals like Lexi that Operation Kindness takes in.

Since Lexi is a pit bull, her chances of getting adopted were low. Pit bulls are considered dangerous by many, and some places like apartment complexes even ban them from living there. Many pit bulls in shelters get put down because they are deemed “unadoptable.” However, Lexi proved the Pit Bull stereotype wrong by just being the sweet dog she naturally is.

Before adopting Lexi, Kalyn and her family had to make sure that she was fine around cats since they already have two cats. To pass the cat test, Lexi had to behave herself around cats. When they let a cat into the room that she was in, she did not try to attack it or even get too excited. According to Kalyn, she remained calm and just wanted to sniff and lick the cat.

“She passed her cat test with flying colors and she’s so nice to other dogs.” Kalyn said. “By just looking at her, people might assume that she is aggressive, but that couldn’t be more far from the truth. She is a sweetheart.”

A previous cancerous lump also gave Lexi slim odds of getting adopted. Even though the growth was removed, it could possibly return. Many people did not want to adopt a dog with preexisting issues like cancer.

“The cancer growth had apparently been an issue for other potential adopters,” Kalyn said. “It didn’t scare me away from adopting Lexi, though. My family and I are completely willing to give her the medical attention she needs if it returns.”

Kalyn’s parents did not always think she was ready to take on the responsibility of owning a dog, though. They thought Kalyn did not really want the commitment and instead just the excitement of getting a dog. Kalyn’s childhood dog recently had to be put down because of her old age and poor health and she really missed having a larger dog around.

“Kalyn asked us pretty much every day for the past six months to get another dog before we finally caved,” April Dodson said. “We decided that the perfect birthday present for Kalyn would be to adopt a dog.”

The first thing Lexi did after she explored her new home was claim an entire couch to herself to take her afternoon nap. Napping and cuddling are some of Lexi’s favorite activities.

“It did not take Lexi long before she felt comfortable in her new home. I think that she loves it here,” Kalyn said. “I am excited for the great new start that we get to provide her.”

With two cats and another dog as siblings to play with, Lexi fits in perfectly with her new family in her new forever home.  The Dodson family plans to provide Lexi with the best possible life that they can.


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