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Commuter Week


During the week of March 28, Off-Campus Student Services hosted various events dedicated to commuter students for “Commuter Week.”

Commuter Week occurs every year and is dedicated to providing students who live off-campus services and making them feel more connected to the UNT community. Many different student services on campus extended their office hours for the week.

“I think it is great that a lot of student services extended their office hours for commuter week,” freshman commuter Kylee Dodson said. “When you don’t live near campus and have classes all day, it is hard to find time to go to the available office hours. With the extended hours, we have a wider window to go in.”

The week started off on Monday with free rides from the commuter parking lot to the middle of the campus. It continued with other events such as “Finding Your First Apartment,” “I Bike UNT,” Office of Disability Accommodation Open House. On Tuesday, commuter students met up at the IHOP at 1001 N Texas Blvd for “Breakfast for Dinner.” At this event, students were provided with free pancakes or fruit, participated in games and won prizes.

The week ended on Friday with a housing fair in the library mall and a commuter focus group. The goal of the focus group is for the Counseling and Testing Services to get more connected with commuter students. After the focus group, participating students were provided free pizza and a screening of the movie “Inside Out.”

Counseling and Testing Services has participated in the non-traditional student week, but this year was the first time to participate in Commuter Week.

“This week was an opportunity for us to target commuters in our efforts,” staff psychologist at the Counseling and Testing Services, Arlene Rivero, said. “Commuter students have unique and varied needs. This focus group gives us an opportunity to see how they perceive CTS and if there are things we can do differently to serve them better.”



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