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Reducing UNT’s Need of Parking

While parking at UNT is already limited, UNT’s Parking and Transportation Services’ mission is to reduce the overall demand of parking through offering alternative transportation options.

To help reduce the demand for parking, UNT offers a shuttle bus. UNT has eight shuttle buses, all with unique routes. Each of the different bus routes can be found on the UNT Parking and Transportation page on the UNT website. Local bus services are also available to students who present a valid UNT ID. Kevin Bowman, senior, uses UNT’s bus services to get to the other side of campus or to the Discover Park campus because taking the bus proves more efficient and faster than walking for him.

“I like the fact that they stick to their schedule of being on time. They had it to where there would be a bus every nine minutes, and they were very good about that,” Bowman said. “Personally, I don’t like taking buses because I don’t like waiting on them, but that has nothing against the ones at UNT. They’re good.”

Not only do buses help students get around campus and to the Discovery Park campus, they are used for transportation from apartment complexes in Denton.

“My apartment is on the UNT Shuttle route so I use it regularly to get UNT’s campus when I have class,” senior Ryan Robbins said.

On their website, Parking and Transportation Services states that education is UNT’s main mission and not better parking. Currently, there are six premium, four general, and 13 resident parking lots for UNT students to use. The prices for permits to park in these parking lots range from $135 for general commuters to $250 for residents. Two parking garages, Highland Street Garage and Union Circle Garage, provide additional parking on campus.

In the Fall of 2015, UNT opened up three new general parking lots. The new parking lots 43 and 34 are located off of Wilshire street near Mozart Hall. The other parking lot, 85, is located at Apogee Stadium. Having to park in one of the general parking lots can mean a UNT student may have a lengthy walk to class.

“I paid $225 for a premium parking permit for the entire year, but sometimes I cannot even find a spot there and have to park like a mile away in the general parking lots,” senior Nick Weaver said. “It makes me so mad, but I understand UNT wanting more people to use the other transportation services available. It is better environmentally and cheaper for students to use the bus services or even just carpool with friends.”


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