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Apartments of Denton

Many different apartments surround the UNT campus that are affordable for students to move into as an alternative to living in the dorms or having a far commute.

Living walking distance from the campus is the main attribute that sophomore Kalyn Dodson likes about the apartment complex into which she recently moved. Dodson moved into the Gazebo apartments at 524 S. Carroll Blvd. in January just before the spring semester began. The Gazebo apartments are not student apartments, but still very affordable for Dodson. In previous semesters, she was driving 45 minutes four days a week to the Denton campus. She would leave an hour and a half before class to make sure she got to Denton with enough time to find parking.

“It is a lot less stressful to not have to worry about traffic on I35 or finding parking on campus anymore,” Dodson said.

The minimal amount of parking used to cause Dodson problems when trying to get to class on time, but now she does not drive her car to class. She can take a 10 minute walk from her apartment to campus.

“I used to drive around the premium parking lots for 20 minutes before finding a spot,” Dodson said. “It was ridiculous, but I am glad I do not have to do that any more.”

The Castle Rock Student Apartments at 1541 Meadow St. offer some benefits for senior Ryan Robbins. The newly renovated student apartments come furnished and at a reasonable cost. They are also not too far from UNT’s campus and are on the UNT Shuttle route.

Castle Rock Student Apartments. Photo taken by


“I love that everything in the apartment is new: the floors, the furniture, the appliances, everything,” Robbins said. “It is completely renovated, so it’s like brand new apartments.”

For junior Caroline King, living outside of Denton is more preferable. She lives in an apartment complex in The Colony and commutes two days a week. She does not mind the commute to Denton because it is not every day.

“I work in Frisco so living in The Colony is kind of a half way point between school and work,” King said. “Before we moved into these apartments, my boyfriend and I looked at apartments and houses in Denton, but couldn’t find anything that we liked enough.”


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